Something Wicked!

It’s that time of year again!

It’s spooky season!

I also haven’t been updating yet again… It’s been a really tough year here at the badger studio so I do apologise for that! I hope I can get on top of everything again in the new year but for now I’m just taking things one day at a time!

Both my Etsy shop and my shopify shop have got some seasonal and spooky goodies available at the moment! And should I mention the dreaded festive goodies that have also started arriving in the shops? Not yet? Okay, maybe next week I’ll post about them!

October has been a busy month, I tried to do my own Inktober and managed to get to day 9 before I crashed and didn’t have the creative energy to keep going. It was a shame as I was really enjoying it but I just didn’t have the energy in the evenings.

I did however get to create some amazing custom pieces that annoyingly I can’t show or mention too much at the moment as they’re going to be gifts so it’s all a big secret but I loved working on them. I’m looking forward to doing a big roundup of my custom work at the end of the year as a bit of fun!

The new winter designs are also coming along nicely, I don’t have as many this year but they’re going to make a fun addition to the already fun collection. Hopefully I can share them all soon.

Okay, going to keep this short for now! So I hope you’ve had a great October and have a spooky fun halloween!

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